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The Healing POWER of nature!

I am grateful for the healing power of nature through potent herbs and foods! I utilize herbal medicine in my own health care as well as for my family, friends and patients.

Herbal remedies are potent against viral, fungal, parasitic and bacterial Infection and at Back to Health Functional Medicine we utilize them every day. A major benefit of herbal remedies over pharmaceutical agents is the combination of killing or inhibiting the offending agent while simultaneously boosting the bodies immune system function. There are potent herbal remedies available for hormone balancing, improve sleep, improve circulation, improve digestion, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, anti-oxidant, detoxification, post-surgical healing, male and female fertility, specific organ support ex. lung, kidney, liver, gallbladder, thyroid, prostate, etc.

Bacteria - “Bacteria can replicate very rapidly, sometime doubling their population in just 5 minutes. They have the ability to learn, adapt, and resist the single chemical antibiotic. The major advantage of antibacterial herbs is their complex chemical nature, over 60 biological phenolic, alkaloid and active components of potent herbs. These natural compounds also provide immune-enhancing properties and do not harm intestinal flora.”

Virus - “[Herbal remedies] provide both direct antiviral activity and immune enhancing properties to boost the innate inhibitory mechanisms against a wide range of RNA viruses. The secondary emphasis is lowering over-active fevers and inflammatory reactions by arousing immunodiaphoretic activity, break up mucus congestion and provide an antiseptic effect. The complex nature of treating viral infections is inhibiting the replication of the virus without affecting the viability or functioning of the host cell. The selective toxicity of certain therapeutic herbal remedies is the underlying advantage to the pharmaceutical antivirals agents that kill the virus, usually killing the human host cell leading to widespread tissue damage. [Herbal remedies] contains antiviral properties that provide specific therapeutic actions such as blocking viral receptor sites, so they are unable to attach to the host cell and inhibiting viral enzymes, viral protease and hyaluronindase. Non-specific mechanisms of action include stimulating cellular resistance, interferon production, and humoral and cell-mediated immunity.” Weed N. Herbal Formulas for Clinical Practice. 2015

Please contact us if you would like to embrace the power of herbal botanicals in your own health care! 

We offer FREE phone consultations to all new patients!

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