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Mr. Mylo teaches us about inflammation

Our miniature dachshund, Mylo, loves to protect his turf. His days are filled with running up his ramp to his perch on the couch where he can view the front of the house, street and of course neighborhood dogs walking by to the back yard (I usually have the sliders open during the day this time of year when the weather is amazing) to ensure no birds, squirrels or bunnies have stepped foot in his backyard. And if they do – boy does he put them back in line! Yelling and chasing them into compliance, even if it is just for a second.

Now we have been working with a trainer for the past few weeks with Mylo – mostly training my husband and I but also learning a lot about dogs. Our trainer, who reminds us weekly that she is German, also says often that Germans are stubborn and determined – hence our lovely, little man is a very stubborn and determined pup. As the weeks pass, and we continue our training with him at home, we’ve noticed an amazing shift in him.

Does he still bark?


Does he still protect his yard?

Yes, he’s a dog after all.

But we’ve learned to calm the response and tame the reaction.

We are halfway through my first group wellness – Love Your Guts – Digestive Wellness 4-month program and this scenario reminded me of what I often see in my group wellness participants and my patients who struggle with digestive imbalances and symptoms.

When the body is inflamed, everything seems to piss it off – kinda like Mr. Mylo before training. As we work together to identify triggers and balance them, the angry tummy calms down.

Ironically, I’ve found its typically not food that is the root cause of the inflammation, imbalances, or dysfunction. But rather, there is inflammation, imbalance, or dysfunction already present – like hot embers and inflammatory foods are pouring gasoline on the hot embers igniting the inflammation and perpetuating the dysfunctions and imbalances. Now yes, there are foods that we shouldn’t consume and others that we should limit but I have many patients that are highly reactive to seemingly innocent, ‘healthy’ foods.

Are you struggling with digestive complaints?

Do you feel that you are inflamed?

Are healthy foods starting to bother you?

I’m holding a free info session for my next group digestive wellness program on June 8th – CLICK HERE to register - even if you are unable to attend live, and I’ll send you the replay!

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