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How do I know my digestion is optimized?

Did you know that joint pain and skin issues could be ways your body is telling you something is wrong inside?

By the time you have symptoms, that organ or organ system is already below 60% of optimal function. Other approaches focus on masking or muting the symptoms when in fact symptoms are a cry for help from your body! An alert system letting you know something is wrong. Instead of ignoring it, search for the cause(s).

One major area of our health that is often ignored or misunderstood is our gut and digestive health. This area is the foundation of our health! Everything you consume passes through your digestive system and if it is not working optimally then you are unable to process and absorb the nutrients your body needs to perform every single necessary function.

It is frustrating and nearly impossible to try and guess the imbalances within your gut and what is negatively affecting your digestion. Some foods cause sensitives that aren’t realized for days following consumption. Some infections, like H. Pylori and parasites have no symptoms or vague symptoms that are inconclusive if used alone – meaning that if you have symptoms from them can also be present with many different conditions. Long term effects of untreated gut infections like H. pylori can lead to acid reflux, ulcers, ruptured ulcers, reduced immune system function, and inability to properly break down and absorb protein, iron, vitamins and minerals like calcium and zinc.

Therefore, I highly recommend testing for gut imbalances and digestive function. I feel that it is so important that I’ve created an entire program around it. Love Your Guts is my digestive wellness program that incorporates testing for gut imbalances and digestive function, individualized treatment plans and nutrition education based on my best-selling book, “You Can’t Outrun Your Fork.”

I have a free digestive wellness info session on Wednesday June 8th and I’d love for you to join me! Please use this link to register:

Please register even if you are unable to attend live and I’ll email you the replay so you won’t miss a thing!

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Yours in health,

Dr. Anya







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