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Healthy Electrolyte Beverage

Electrolytes are critical to our natural biochemical balance within our bodies. An imbalance in electrolytes can result in uncomfortable symptoms including diarrhea, constipation, dehydration, headaches, muscle cramps, and fatigue. To avoid these symptoms it is important to drink lots of fresh clean water every day and ensure you are getting proper minerals and vitamins. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, are feeling ill or recovering from illness, have recently exercised or participated in activity that resulted in sweating, you may be out of electrolyte balance.

More about the ingredients:

Organic lemon peel has anti-carcinogenic properties

Organic lemon juice aids with digestion, cleans the liver, helps with detoxification, is full of Vitamin C, and even though the juice is acidic, the mineral content causes them to alkalize the body.

Organic ginger root has anti-inflammatory properties and aids with digestion

Pink Himalayan sea salt is abundant in critical minerals often lost in processed foods

Try this delicious fresh recipe to rebalance your electrolytes and get you feeling healthier today! (Please note that the specific ingredients selected are critical to your health. It is not advisable to use non-organic ingredients in this recipe.)



3 cups fresh clean water

1 whole organic lemon or the juice of 1 organic lemon

4 teaspoons organic raw honey

1/4 teaspoon pink Himalayan sea salt

(optional) slice of raw organic ginger root

If using a whole lemon and/or ginger root, place all the ingredients in a blender and then pour through a fine mesh strainer. Otherwise mix the ingredients together well and enjoy!

I typically make a double recipe and then store in a glass container in the refrigerator. It is not advisable to store in a plastic or metal container due to the acidity of the lemon.

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